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Reef fishing is filled with action and may very possibly be the highlight of your trip! Captain Robert is exceptionally skilled at fishing which makes him great with families, novice anglers, and experienced fishermen. The beautiful crystal blue reef waters produce all kinds of different and colorful species such Yellow-tail Snapper, Barracuda, Jacks, Triggerfish, Nassau Grouper, Porgy, and even Reef Sharks. Shark fishing and bonefishing are catch-and- release and very exciting. All tackle, jigs and bait are furnished for your fishing trip experience.

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This type of outing is truly an adventure, especially if spearfishing is new to you. Typically you’ll find yourself free-diving in depths of 10-35 feet of water. The water is so stunningly clear that anyone who watches from the deck of the boat can see your every move along the reef you’re diving. Hawaiian slings and spears are used to harvest the many varieties of fish as well as lobster (during season). Diving for conch and other exquisite shells is always an option on this trip as well.

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Grab your snorkel gear and dive right in! Snorkeling in the Exumas is one of the most popular ocean activities. The shallow reefs and rocky outcroppings surrounding the islands present hours of sub-surface fun with a never-ending parade of spectacular undersea wildlife to view. You’ll see beautiful coral heads, brain coral, brilliant purple sea fans, dazzling schools of colorful fish and huge, red starfish. The water is clear, blue, warm and calm most days. All snorkel gear is provided.

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Robert has a day of wonderful experiences planned for this trip. Everything from collecting sand dollars on a massive sand bar to watching sting rays and sea turtles in their natural habitat. You’ll get to hold a giant red starfish. What an amazing creature! Desire to know a bit more about the local customs and island history. . .You’ll get Robert’s take on this too. This tour can be worked around lunch at Chat n’ Chill. Chat n’ Chill is an island bar and grill that is a must see and experience while in Exuma.

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EXUMA CAYS -- Click here to see for yourself! (YouTube video)
This full-day trip has so many highlights that you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven! The trip starts by leaving the main island of Exuma, from the Barraterre (bear-a-tare-ee) Government Dock and heading north through the pristine, crystal-clear tropical waters along the numerous small sandy islands referred to as cays. Great Exuma has 365 cays; one for each day of the year! Many of the smaller cays are privately owned by Hollywood stars including Nicolas Cage, Johnny Depp, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw and David Copperfield. Even Oprah does her fair share of vacationing at a resort you’ll see during your expedition.

Another amazing highlight is a stop at Leaf Cay. Here you’ll have the opportunity to view large iguanas. They can be intimidating at first but don’t let their fierce, prehistoric appearance scare you. They’re really quite harmless and always happy to see people from our expeditions!

You’ll have the opportunity to walk a mile-long sandbar and collect shells. This stop is too beautiful for words.

Major Cay is the home of the famous swimming pigs! You’ll want to have your camera ready to capture a picture of these swimming swines and paddling porcine! They love their snacks of bread and such!

Thunderball Grotto is another Bahamian gem and definitely a memorable stop. Two James Bond movie scenes were filmed here as well as the movies “Splash” and “Into the Blue.” When the tide is low you'll be guided along a snorkeling adventure into the breathtaking clear water of the cavern where you’ll see many different species of smaller fish. Radiant beams of sunlight stream through holes in the grotto ceiling to the cave’s hidden waters below, flickering and dancing in a stunning shimmering display in the silent still depths.

We'll stop for lunch at one of 3 special spots. We’ll either eat at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, the Sampson Cay Yacht Club or Compass Cay. You’ll have selections of either “native food” or American and a cold Kalik is just what the doctor ordered by this time. Lunch is not included in the price of the trip. Prices range from $10 to $30 per person depending on what you drink.

We either stop at Compass Cay or Sampson Cay to swim with the sharks. Depending on the tide and the timing of the expedition Captain Robert may have a few other delightful surprise stops during the return trip to Exuma. Beyond any doubt, this full-day trip will create memories of a lifetime!

This tour departs from the government dock in Barraterre at 8am and we’ll return by 3:30 pm. You’ll want to wear your swimsuit, have a cover up, and bring a towel, sunscreen and a camera. We provide water, ice and Goombay Smash on board.

Advance reservations are suggested.

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Our newest trip, Dean's Blue Hole and Sandy Cay, leaves from Brown's Marina in Georgetown at 8:30 am and returns at 4:30 pm. Dive into one of the world's most famous blue holes and have lunch with us on the waters. After, we cruise on to the most beautiful waters you'll ever find, Sandy Cay, where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed and then, the perfect ending to your day...drinks at Chat N' Chill - Cheers!

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Right Angle Creative Cuisine - Robert obtained his culinary arts degree in Miami and has a wonderful reputation as a respected chef on the island. For over 15 years he has practiced his skills and culinary expertise at several local restaurants and now truly enjoys operating his own food service business promoting Robert's authentic Bahamian cuisine as well as favorite American fare.

Right Angle Creative Cuisine caters to small dinner or beach parties, picnics, or larger gatherings such as weddings and anniversaries. Vacationers desire hiring Chef Robert to prepare their meals as he endeavors to always prepare fresh fish and lobster speared on the same day (when available). Another delicious option is a flavorful conch salad (a Bahamian treat!) prepared right on the boat fresh from the sea! Truly an experience to be savored for a lifetime!

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Please feel free to contact us for pricing and menu options.

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