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About Us

Enjoy Exuma Trips & Tours with Robert's Island Adventures!

Robert’s Island Adventures is a family-owned Bahamian tour company. Owned by Robert Thompson, an experienced 30+ year captain with a vast clientele from across the world, we explore the endless possibilities that our turquoise waters have to offer. We are 100% Bahamian owned! Booking a charter with Robert’s Island Adventures means you are supporting our local economy. All our crew are Bahamian as well!

Our crew is certified in first aid and CPR skills ensuring your comfort and safety, as well as bringing unmatched passion to every tour they lead. All vessels are licensed by the local Port Department and all captains are required to have a valid captain’s license. Vessels are all fully insured. Caring for tomorrow, today. We help make our home a little better, one Exuma boat tour at a time. All our tours are limited to 14 guests or less, so you get a more intimate experience, greater access to local attractions, and more time exploring.

We have carefully developed a range of Exuma boat tours to ensure we can offer something for everyone no matter the length of your vacation or the number of people traveling. You can choose to travel on a group tour with other amazing people, or you can decide to book a private tour to have the boat all to yourself. Book online today!